BC NDP would hike the Carbon Tax, and hit families deep in their pockets.

Despite all the talk about family affordability, The BC NDP would hit BC families with higher Carbon Taxes  with increases year after year.  It’s a double-whammy for families and job creators says Greg Kyllo, MLA for Shuswap.  “Increasing the carbon tax rate and ending the revenue neutrality will hit BC families hard.  Tax rates will skyrocket. Uncertainty will drive jobs out of the province. That’s not how you deal with affordability.”

The BC NDP have pledged to increase the Carbon Tax but refuse to come clean on the amount until well after the next election.  Their Leap Manifesto calls for a 560% increase – up to $200 per megaton – which would have a negative impact on the province’s economy and families’ pocketbooks.  “The BC NDP say that they don’t need to tell us the amount until after British Columbians go to the polls,” MLA Kyllo said.  “Their refusal to come clean should worry all of us.”

The BC NDP would also end the revenue neutrality of the carbon tax.  Currently, all the money received through the Carbon Tax is passed back to you through tax reductions.  The BC NDP thinks they know better than you how to spend your money.  “This change is another blatant tax grab.  Pure and simple,”  said MLA Kyllo.  “And the worst part about it is that British Columbians will be paying for it, making life unaffordable.”

British Columbians are currently the only Canadians who pay a $30/tonne Carbon Tax every time they fill up at a gas station.  The BC NDP supports recommendations to double that in 4 years, hike it to $100/tonne in 8 years, and keep increasing it by $10 every year.

Unlike the BC NDP,  Premier Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Caucus have a balanced plan to fight climate change and protect families’ budgets and jobs.  Our Climate Leadership Plan creates 66,000 jobs, reduces emissions by 25 Mega Tonnes a year, and supports all of Canada catching up to BC on carbon pricing policy.